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An extension is often a much cheaper alternative to moving out and purchasing a new home, but it can be difficult and time-consuming to collect prices, compare companies and make a decision as to who will carry out the work. There are often several independent contractors in your area, but you may be confused as to which company to choose, whether they are a reputable company and whether they can deliver the extension you dream about. 

That's why exists. We shop around for the best extension prices so you don’t have to. With access to an extensive network of house extension contractors in the UK, you could save thousands of pounds by comparing extension quotes.

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Select Your Extension Project

Whilst many extensions generally follow the same format from a construction perspective, some contractors may be more experienced in a specific type of extension. We can connect your with contractors for the following projects and more:

Extend over your garage


Cost: From £15,000

Time: 3 months

Double story extension cost

image from:

Cost: From £1,500 per m2

Time: 3 months

Wrap around extension cost

image from:

Cost: From £40,000

Time: 3 months

Bungalow extension cost


Cost: From £20,000

Time: 3 months 

Shell only extension cost?

image from:

Cost: From£500 per m2 

Time: 3 months 

Side Return Extension Cost

kitchen extension timings

Cost: From £30,00 per m2 

Time: 3 months 

Convert Your Garage

image from:

Cost: From £15,000

Time: 3 months

Sunroom extension cost

image from:

Cost: From £10,000

Time: 3 months 

Moving a drain

Drain System 2

Cost: From £1,000

Time: 3 days