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Quality building leads - extensions, foundations and more

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Quality building leads - extensions, foundations and more

If you’re looking for an effective and reliable way to buy quality building leads for your construction company then check out Extensionprices. We are dedicated to supporting a nationwide network of builders and construction companies, generating building leads that result in increased profits for your business.

There’s no doubt that running any business takes a great deal of time and energy. This can often make it difficult to find the right places to dedicate your time and attention. This can often result in being too busy to spend time on things like advertising and marketing. If that’s the case for your company then use Extensionprices to help generate the right demand for your services and an audience for your company. Unlike many other marketing methods, buying building leads is a far more targeted, cost-effective, and time-efficient way to generate business. Rather than having to worry about things like marketing and promotion, you can leave all of that to us and we will send you leads free of charge. The only time you pay is when a lead converts into actual work. Joining the Extensionprices network and the leads that we send to you are entirely free of charge to your company. That means that you pay nothing upfront and there is no risk. The fee that you pay is a percentage of the overall value of each lead that converts into a paid project.

Extensionprices is fast becoming a highly regarded and trusted name amongst customers looking for all kinds of building work. With no charge unless you land a job from one of our leads, you really have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us. It’s the definition of a win-win situation!

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Why buy building leads?

Unless you have the manpower or the budget to devote to it, lead generation can be both incredibly costly and time-consuming. The reality of marketing is that it’s not something that every professional or business owner is going to be all that good at. If you want your marketing campaign to be successful it requires targeted and monitored marketing strategies plus brand awareness and a whole host of other things which can often end up becoming pretty specialist when really your attention is far better served outside getting on with the job.

Buying building leads allows you to cultivate the customer and do what you are best at – providing a quality and professional construction service but without all the hassle of having to generate the leads in the first place. Building brand awareness and marketing and advertising can be something of a slow burn. In the meantime, you want your business to be thriving so buying building leads is one of the best ways to get your business into the public eye as quickly as possible. Even for leads which don’t follow through when you quote, you are still increasing your name and profile, putting your business out in front of the people that matter – the public. Buying leads is definitely the quickest way to build a new business and you are free to either turn down the business or leave Extensionprices when you think that you have enough consistent business that lead generation no longer needs to be as much of a priority for your business.

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How do we build our leads?

Thanks to many of the modern digital techniques that are available, it can often feel easy to create a list of potential customers. However, the truth is that this is really just a waste of your time as it really just creates lists of names and numbers of people who aren’t interested in undertaking any work on their home and are unlikely to actually become serious customers.

At Extensionprices, our leads are generated through proven inbound marketing techniques, tried and trusted methods like Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise known as SEO, and Google Adwords. Through these techniques we are able to find people who are already actively looking for a building contractor and who have a far higher chance of following up your estimate.

The use of the internet as a specialist marketing tool is not something that everyone is able to do and requires a great deal of specialist expertise. That is expertise that we have and we do all the hard work so you can just get on with your work while you wait for the leads to come rolling in. Unlike other lead generation companies, we don’t just provide a large number of cold leads. We make sure that we are providing you with warm or hot leads. We provide leads for all types and sizes of business from small local jobs right through to large building projects. We don’t earn unless your estimate is converted into a project so it is our own interests to find you the best quality leads that will convert and our clear and proven track record shows just how skilled we are at doing just that.

What type of leads can you buy at Extensionprices

Extensionprices provide leads for various different types of building services and work for businesses of a variety of different sizes, from sole traders through to small local firms right up to established, large building and construction companies. Extensionprices can provide quality hot and warm leads for your business if you provide any of the following services:

  • Extensions
  • Chimney building, maintenance, and repairs.
  • Ceiling and floor repair
  • Foundation raising
  • Garage conversions
  • Groundwork/underpinning
  • Wall building and bricklaying
  • Loft conversions
  • Internal renovations

Where are our leads based?

Our leads are generated from local business in your neighbourhood right through to national projects. Having a wide geographical spread of leads can help your business in so many different ways and you are free to pick and choose the leads you follow depending on your current work schedule. Here is why Extensionprices national spread is so effective:

  • It allows you to build a local business profile and become the ‘go-to’ construction company in your local community.
  • You receive leads for work that is located further away during seasonal periods when work is typically slower.
  • You will have access to large amounts of work in parts of the country which has suffered an extreme weather event.
  • It enables you to become involved in large projects on housing estates further afield.
  • You can work away from home on specialist jobs with more specific requirements.

Deciding how far afield you want your building leads to come from is a significant decision. What is national to you will likely be local to other companies and firms. The leads that you choose is going to depend heavily on which areas you work in. If you are working in a particular location away from home then it may suit you to have leads which are based in that area. A mix of leads is often the best options to provide you with maximum flexibility for your business and crucially means you will always have work.

Who are we looking for?

We work with professionals at a number of different levels from independent contractors to those working as a part of a team. Most businesses work as part of a team though this can depend on the business. There are larger businesses that have multiple tradespeople who are able to cover all of the required areas of any construction project. However, smaller firms will specialise in more specific building work like the construction of foundations. Because of the fact that many builders are hired for some very high-budget jobs like home construction, extensions, conversions, and other large building projects, they need to be highly reliable and trustworthy. Extensionprices want to bring in professionals who are always willing to make the customer their highest priority and delivery the best possible result. We have high demand from customers at multiple levels, whether that’s customers looking for large companies to take on significant domestic or professional projects, to customers who are only looking for a singular builder for small to medium scale jobs that don’t need as many tradespeople.

Why is having a steady stream of leads so important?

One of the hardest things for any trader is that, for all of the leads that you receive, only a small percentage will actually convert into real business. That’s why it’s essential that you have a stream of leads coming in so that you always have a constant, steady, workflow. Regular work is perhaps the most important thing when you are running your own business. Even more so than the volume of work that you’re receiving, a steady stream of work is essential for your success. A lot of work is great, but not if it only takes place over a period of a couple of months with long periods of having no work at all.

You want to be dedicating as much time as possible to your customers and creating leads can often take away from that pretty significantly. That’s not even mentioning the challenge of actually generating awareness and a strong brand for your business, even if you’re an established business. If you’re just starting out that can be even more difficult. We use sophisticated techniques to locate people who are already searching for a building company so our leads are not just speculative, they are warm leads ready to convert into hot business.

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